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Welcome to a tow company that provides affordable towing for Rochester residents and visitors! Whether you are from Rochester or a visitor just passing by, having a broken down car is never part of the plan. In case you land in an unavoidable pickle, call tow truck company to save you from the mess.

Are you in the middle of the road, in the middle of a problematic situation with your vehicle? Here are things to do when your car refuses to cooperate:

☑︎ Do not panic!
☑︎ Ensure that all passengers are safe.
☑︎ Identify the problem.
☑︎ If possible, drive your vehicle to the side of the road.
☑︎ Put on your hazard lights and reflective triangle.
☑︎ Call Tower Tow Truck Rochester!

Minor or major inconveniences encountered on the road require a careful step-by-step procedure to avoid adding fuel to the fire. It does not take too much thought to come up with a solution: get help! Trying to tackle it on your own would just impose higher risks. Dangerous circumstances are not something you want to put off. In case of emergencies, call authorities, that includes your local tow truck company, without a second thought.

Our customer service agents will calmly get all your needed information. After you explain to us the situation, we will not waste a minute to alert our towing vehicle pros. Other documents like insurance will be taken care of after we work on your car. Safety comes first!

Client-Recommended low cost Tow Company

Car towing

We are the company to trust in times of trouble. Our business is deeply rooted in virtues and values. From the moment we answer your call, consider us at your beck and call. Even though we keep our lines and our website open, our business is usually known through referrals. Compliments give us a great sense of fulfillment, knowing that we have served car owners of the Rochester NY area in the best way we can. Previous customers highly recommend our services because of our team of only the best in the market. We maintain this reputation by keeping our members trained and educated on the industry of towing. Therefore, you can expect a team to handle your car issue to be:

  1. Trustworthy
  2. Reliable
  3. Knowledgable
  4. Adaptive
  5. Friendly

The Tower 24 hour Tow Promise

Our company promises that you never have to go through car troubles alone. Defective machinery should never be a solitary feat. We have made our services accessible and affordable so that you will never have to go through it without help. Your time, your money, and your vehicle are valued – we will not falter in proving that to our customers!

An Experienced and Efficient Team

Grace under pressure is not achieved overnight. You never know how important it is to keep your cool in rough situations until it happens to you. Our crew has broad experience in handling even the harshest conditions. Our goal is to lessen your worries along with solving all your car problems. Your safety, protection, and satisfaction mean the world to us. We will never give substandard work; instead, we will provide our one-hundred percent in every task, no matter how complex or simple it is. There are heaps of local tow truck companies that may offer the same claims but take a chance on us, and we will not disappoint!

The last thing you want to be in is in an accident. Car troubles can happen to anyone at any moment. Once you are stuck in the middle of the open road, there’s no telling how long it would take to flag down help. Cut the dilly-dallying and go straight to contacting the nearest tow truck company of choice – us!

Some superheroes come with capes; other superheroes come with a truck!

KEEP CALM AND DIAL: 585-332-5743

When push comes to shove, Tower Tow Truck can rush to the scene no matter where you are in Rochester at any given hour. Our headquarters is located in 566 Mimosa D Rochester, New York, and we can be with you in a snap! Our services know no time and no limit. We make 24 hour towing happen for the sake of your and your vehicle’s protection.

Tower offers the following truck services:


There are times when you do not need a tow truck to haul you to safety. Ask for roadside assistance, which can put an end to your car troubles right there and then. With a remarkable team on the task, you will be back on the road in no time. No matter how difficult the situation might be, we will leave no stone unturned until you can breathe a sigh of relief. Here are some of the emergency instances you might need us for:

  1. Flat tire help
  2. Battery Jump Starts
  3. Removal of Unauthorized
  4. Vehicles
  5. Lockout Help
  6. Fuel Delivery

If ever you find yourself in a knot. Let tower tow truck team untangle you from the mess. You will never feel alone when you have our contact number saved on your phone. Knowing that a tow company is ready to rush by your side will give you ease and peace of mind no matter how harsh the road ahead is. 

Tow Truck

State-of-the-Art Techniques with Good ‘Ol Customer Service

We have modern equipment, but we keep the same principles as respect to our customers. No technology will replace the personal touch a tow company gives you. Aside from recovering your automobile from the mishap, our crew is also trained to handle every situation with care and compassion so that you’ll ultimately gain peace of mind despite the unfortunate incident.

Your Friendly Neighboorhood Towing Service!

Warm, kind, and welcoming – these are words that usually define the people of Rochester. These are also our tow truck company’s backbone, which sets us apart from the rest. While others may merely focus on providing trucks, we also focus on giving individualized support for every unique situation, vehicle, and customer.

A Problem-Solving Team to the Rescue!

Towing Rochester NY

When everything starts to go dim, our towing company is here to shed some light. We keep you in the loop of the steps to lift you (and your car) up from your current position. We have a wide range of towing services for any car or SUV. Just need quick tow, or maybe heavy duty towing is the solution? Once you get hold of us, we will assess the situation carefully so that we know what kind of tow truck we need to send over. Whether it is flatbed towing, wheel lift towing, or wrecker towing, you can rest assured that our towing experts will arrive with the right kind of truck and the right equipment for the job.

Hiring us is a guarantee that you will get our ingredients to a successful job:

1. A fleet of high-agility tow trucks
2. Highly trained and friendly auto towing professionals
3. Licensed tow truck drivers
4. Top-level equipment and tools

The above is our recipe for success. From workforce to machinery, we strive to keep everything at par with the highest standards in the field of towing offers. Car troubles could result in different ways, but for Tower Towing, there’s no other way to go but up. Positive outcomes are underway when you choose wisely; when you choose Tower Tow Truck. We will do whatever it takes to turn that frown upside down! All in the name of trouble-free towing.

We Rise Above the Competition

A cheap tow truck service would mean a lot, especially if you did not set aside a budget for unforeseen circumstances. A car accident could really put a dent in your savings, but our company believes that tow truck rates should not be unreasonably high. Have you ever found yourself crunching numbers and scratching your head from all the expenses your car trouble has brought you? Worry not because it is now possible to cut costs while paying on for such an unexpected occurrence. Fortunately, cheap towing is made possible by Tower Tow Truck Rochester. Our competitive prices will stop you from canvassing any other local tow truck companies. We understand how stressful having to need a tow is, so we lessen the burden through our tow truck prices. Despite the affordability, we keep our duty as top-notch as any other expensive towing businesses. With Tower Tow Truck, The Price is Just Right!

Tower Tow will clear the obstacles so you can enjoy the journey and the destination!

There’s always something to do in the vicinity of Rochester, NY. Festivals, good food, culture, and art are brimming in every corner, so an unmoving car is the least of all the places you would want to be.

With our truck towing company, you are in good hands. When you fall in a hypothetical or literal ditch, it is best to fall in the hands of our tow truck driver and professionals. Stop grasping for straws and call for our help immediately.

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