Professional Car Accident Towing

The last thing you want to be involved in is a vehicular accident. Nobody is fond of dealing with everything that goes with it. Exchanging details with another driver, calling up the police and getting in touch with your insurance company is a lot.

Don’t worry about the last part because Tower Tow Truck in Rochester NY, is the accident towing company you can trust. We are a 24-hour tow truck company headquartered in Rochester, New York, with a pool of professional employees, affordable towing rates, and the most advanced equipment. You can reach us on our 24/7 phone number 585-332-5743.

We understand that the last thing you want is to get in a vehicular accident. It will cost you money, time, and effort. But first, you need to take care of your vehicle. This means getting your car away from the accident after the police created their report and you’ve talked with others who are involved in the accident.

Contact a Fast Towing Company

You’ll need a reliable tow truck to get your vehicle off the road. Many insurance companies shoulder the cost but to be sure; you may contact your insurer first. Once done, it’s time to get hold of a local tow truck service who can be there the soonest time possible. In some cases, there’ll be companies that will immediately show up. Before striking a deal with them, make sure they are using licensed professionals. Just because other companies promise cheap services doesn’t mean they’re 100% reliable. You’re better off hiring an affordable towing company like us. You can call us anytime, anywhere. Plus, we have licensed tow truck drivers and we charge cheap towing service fees, too.

accident towing in rochester

Empty Your Vehicle of All Valuables

Just because your vehicle is barely recognizable because of the damages caused by the accident doesn’t mean you can leave it to the towing company near you. Be a responsible owner by checking all compartments to make sure you don’t leave any valuables behind. Following these step are one way to avoid blaming another party if you lost something. It’s your responsibility as the owner to take care of all the important things inside your vehicle.

Know What You’re Getting Into

Always read before signing any documents with another company. That’s why we at Tower Tow Truck take pride in our A+ customer service. Aside from providing clients with reliable towing, we also have licensed and experienced drivers who won’t only haul your vehicle safely but also provide you with all the information you need to know.

Accident towing services are one of the areas that Tower Tow Truck in Rochester, NY, specializes in. We understand how bad it is to get involved in a vehicular accident and our affordable car towing service is here to lessen your burden. Give us a call at 585-332-5743 for all your needs!

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