Racing and Event Towing At Its Best

One might have seen event towing and laughed at the idea that a perfectly good car is inside or on top of another vehicle. Point one, one of them is not just any regular car—it’s a race car. Race cars aren’t made to be in public roads. 

That’s why race cars are usually towed to their destination. That’s the only way they can get into the racing arena with all their gears and wears intact, together with the racing team’s chances of beating the odds. Towing race cars are one of the many things that Tower Tow Truck is very good at. We are probably one, if not the best local tow truck companies in Rochester, NY that provide quality 24-hour towing. All that’s needed to be done is to call us at 585-332-5743.

Reliable Tow Trucks For Car Shows

Reliable tow trucks

Reliable is our company’s middle name when it comes to race cars. We have with us the latest technology to serve you and trained professionals in this field of racing event towing. In addition, our company caters to various kinds of situations, be it emergency or not. We have an array of tow trucks that can lift, fit, and carry race cars without compromising any of its parts. Plus, we maintain that our tow trucks are in excellent condition. Always. We take car show towing seriously, like art, because towing race cars aren’t just some rocket science. It involves finesse. A simple malfunction or an uneasy sway could lead to something bad and something big.

Affordable Event Towing

Our rates would never put a hole in your pocket. It’s very affordable, also it already comes with quality services. Plus, it’s close to local trace tracks in Rochester, NY, such as RPM Raceway, Roc RC, Bobby Lippa Racing, and many more. Yes, we are one of the cheap and nearest tow truck companies that will offer you more than what you wished and paid for. We are all for the quality and safety of our customers and their automobiles. 

A+ Customer Service

We provide not only the best equipment and prices, but we also offer our customers the best customer service. Our crews are all trained and equipped to handle any situation that involves any  auto shows. 

Race Track Towing

We’re only a call away from assisting clients and they can reach out to us anytime with our 24-hour towing services. Also, we always consider and take our clients’ situation seriously and make sure that, in the end, we provided them with the right assistance. At Tower Tow Truck, Rochester, NY, we make sure that we take our time helping them and waste no time to get to them. Call us now at 585-332-5743.

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