Motorcycle Towing in Rochester

Bike Towing made easy

Did you know that towing different vehicles requires a varied set of skills and equipment? This is especially true when you’re towing a motorcycle. There are many things to bear in mind and a single mistake can result in the bike tipping over, falling off the rig, or worse, cause accidents. Thankfully, we at Tower Tow Truck Rochester, NY offer affordable towing services with our reliable trucks, licensed and experienced drivers, and A+ customer service. We are your most reliable  company that will respond to your need in no time at all. Call us at 585-332-5743.

When it comes to towing motorcycles, our team follows a set of rules to ensure we get your motorcycle off the road and into safety. Here are some of them:

Motorcycle Towing Service

Providing the Right Bike Trailer

We are not your ordinary tow truck company because our customers are our top priority. We know how much you value your motorcycle; that’s why we provide the most appropriate trailer that suits the type of motorcycle you have. Our professionals are knowledgeable about motorcycle models, so rest assured you’re in good hands. We have the latest top-of-the-line towing equipment compliant with federal and state laws regarding plates, registration, and lighting.

Using High-Quality Motorcycle Towing Equipment

Another thing we take pride in is the fact that we use high-quality equipment. We are a cheap towing company in Rochester, but the equipment we use is far from cheap because they’re hi-tech and manufactured by the industry’s best.
For instance, we use ratchet straps in towing a motorcycle while paying close attention to the “working load limit.” We assure our clients that we use belts that are at least half the weight of their motorcycle for effective and efficient towing.
We also have a front-wheel chock in metal or hard plastic. This useful piece of equipment helps prevent your motorcycle from moving when towing. In addition, have a reliable loading ramp that allows us to load your bike onto our trailer effortlessly.

Ensuring Safety and Security of your motorcycle

We believe that Tower Tow Truck Rochester provides the best local tow truck service out there and it’s all thanks to our team of professionals who get the job done day or night. However, their job doesn’t end once they’ve loaded your motorcycle into the trailer. They also put extra effort into strapping your bike securely in place. 

Most importantly, our drivers are highly experienced and skilled in driving with a loaded trailer. They can drive efficiently into heavy traffic or the highway while being alert to what’s happening at the back. 

There are many local tow truck companies out there, but if you’re looking for one with experience and an excellent reputation, there’s no better way than calling Tower Tow Truck at 585-332-5743. We are a 24-hour tow truck company that specializes in all kinds of towing services at very affordable rates.

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