Removal of Unauthorized Vehicles

Save Your Space, Hire Our Towing Service!

A vehicle takes up enough space to be a nuisance to your productivity or your property value. If a mode of transportation isn’t serving its primary purpose, it is an obsolete and absolute space-taker.

The rational thing to do is safely take it off the property as soon as possible! But that is easier said than done. Most people do not have the keys to the ignition. That leaves you in a rough spot. Are you stuck between taking back what’s rightfully yours or letting an abandoned vehicle linger on your zone?

Let our team analyze whether it is illegally parked or if there are any other steps to take to reach out to the owner. If you believe that there is a vehicle that has:

  • no apparent owner for a significant amount of time
  • flat tires or damaged surface
  • dangerous fluids, or emissions coming out from the vehicles
  • physically blocking other cars or entranceways
  • affecting the aesthetic value of the property

Retrieve Abandoned Vehicles with Rochester’s Finest Fleet

Our tow truck company will help you have an unauthorized vehicle removed from the premises. Once we have the green light from authorities, we won’t waste another minute to take the load off your hands.

Our tow trucks are engineered to precision, speed, and protection. We are the company to trust when you want the job to go seamlessly and smoothly. Having to eliminate a vehicle from your space is already hassling enough. The work needs to be done without a hitch! The trucks we use play a significant factor in the success of every project. That, along with our reliable tow truck drivers, won’t ever let you down!

Take it from our customer ratings; we are the towing company for the job! We pride ourselves on being a 24-hour tow truck service that you can avail for a reasonable price.

Removing Unused Vehicles

Legal and Legitimate Services by Tower Tow Trucks

There are factors to consider before you get to have those wheels towed. You should review the Legalities before deeming a vehicle unauthorized. The process will determine whether you can lawfully pull that car out of the parking space.

Avoid wasting money or breaking the law. You need a tow truck company’s help to make the right decisions.
Your area might enforce strict rules before you can touch another man’s car. It is best to have experts to have your back to take you to the process. From reporting to extracting, we will be with you one hundred percent of the way.

Licensed to Tow, 585-332-5743 is the Number to Go!

You cannot afford to shell out money for a subpar, cheap tow truck service for issues like this. Rochester will require documents and other formalities. You can get quality towing service for low tow truck rates, right here! Know more about our offers and the procedure that goes down with unauthorized vehicle removal. Give us a ring and let’s get that space back to being unoccupied!

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