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Tower Tow Truck in Rochester, NY, is a 24-hour affordable towing company that caters to clients in Rochester and the surrounding areas. We are a team of professionals who are more than happy to provide you with our A+ customer service at very reasonable rates. One of them is wheel lift towing.


Unlike other tow truck companies, we take pride in providing our clients with the best services out there. We are open 24/7 and our phone number is 585-332-5743. In terms of wheel lift towing, here are some helpful tips we have for you:



The Drive System of the Car

To start, you have to know what kind of drive system your car has to determine whether it is fit for the service. Vehicles that come with a two-wheel drive system are suitable for the wheel lift towing method. Four-wheel-drive vehicles cant use wheel lifts because the transmission can get damaged in the process. 

Limitations of Using the Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

The position of the vehicle is yet another limitation. Vehicles are attached to wheel lift tow trucks positioned upright.

Type of Vehicle

Wheel lift tow trucks are used typically for two-wheel drive vehicles. A flatbed tow truck is better suited for a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Towing Distance

Wheel lift towing is usually preferred when the distance is short.

Vehicle’s Position

The position of the vehicle is yet another limitation. Vehicles are attached to wheel lift tow trucks positioned upright.

Towing a vehicle requires another vehicle with enough power to pull the car into another location at a basic level. Our tow trucks at Tower, Rochester, NY do exactly that, but for the knowledge of everyone, there’s more than just one kind of tow truck. There are five different kinds of tow trucks – and the wheel lift tow truck is the most common among them.

The wheel lift tow truck provides an economical, efficient, and safe way of transporting cars and other vehicles when they break down the road.
Owners should check their owner’s manual to see if their car is compatible with wheel lift towing or not. Before having the vehicle towed, it is always best to check and make sure there are also some exceptions.

The Benefits of Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift towing is beneficial in different situations, not to mention that it also saves you money on your tow. This method is much better compared to traditional hook-and-chain towing. The car is lifted through the tires, therefore causing less damage to the car’s bumper and frame.

This towing method also gives a lot more control over the vehicles even when they are in tight spots. Wheel lift tow truck can do the job without damaging other nearby cars, even if you’re parallel parked and your vehicle needs a tow. It moves the car out of tight spots conveniently.

If you need our services, your best option is to call 585-332-5743. Tower Tow Truck, Rochester, NY is home to professional tow truck drivers and service members who are ready to help you. Give us a call today!

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