ABOUT Tower Tow Truck

Who Are We? The Tow Truck Company Beyond Compare

How we talk so enthusiastically about towing reflects our passion and dedication to the field. Ever since our tow truck company set its foot in Rochester, New York, it has made an unwritten promise to the residents and visitors that they never have to go through car troubles and road mishaps alone. 

Spearheaded by Ben Turner, the local company grew into more than a business, but a commitment to Rochester and all surrounding areas. Years of experience and hard work paid off, as the company can proudly give its one-hundred and one percent to anyone who might need it. Tow truck services have been expanded and improved to fit the customer’s needs and preferences. These efforts are reflected in our high customer ratings. Every member of the team does every job with the customer in mind. As a service to the community, our towing packages are made to be affordable, accessible and

We live, breathe, and practice safety. You can trust the whole team at Tower Tow Truck to handle your vehicle with maximum cautiousness. If calling us is your first step when you encounter difficulty on the road, then you are a step in the right direction. We will stop at nothing to get you the help you need. We are well-equipped with:

  • heavy duty tow trucks which will withstand harsh roads
  • A variety of tow trucks to accommodate a wide range of cars
  • Swift and efficient roadside assistance to get you back on the road
  • Trained driver and staff who will help solve your road dilemmas
  • Cheap towing service that will help you cut costs
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