FLATBED TOWING Service In Rochester

Get Past Any Obstacle with a Flatbed Tow Truck

Safe and secure flatbed towing is made possible by our company. Tower Towing brings Rochester NY residers a tow truck service that is:

  • Safe
  • Systematic
  • Smart
  • Swift

If you need help that hits all of the above criteria, our flatbed truck service is for you! There is more than one way to tow a truck. A flatbed is a popular option because of its ergonomic and efficient qualities. It is a type of tow truck that has an extended, flat platform on which we place your car on top. The whole weight of the vehicle is on the bed, unlike other methods. Flatbeds protect the vehicle. Your car is driven up an inclined surface onto the tow truck. Every step is done with the highest level of care and professionalism because we know you and your car deserve only the best.


Comfortably Versatile: The #1 Choice in Tow Trucks

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Our flatbed units are commonly requested by clients who want to avail of our cheap tow truck services. It is a safe and straightforward option for cars that can still be pulled or slightly driven up to the truck.

Furthermore, this towing service is the best option when your vehicle is hefty, like SUVs and RV towing. It can also carry weighted cars carrying heavy loads. Flatbeds will be able to withstand the weight. Aside from this, it can provide ample protection for exotic, classic, and luxury cars.

Only the Best Flatbed Towing Services for Your Ride

Cars are invaluable in surviving in our fast-paced world. Having to go about your day without it can be frustrating. Car troubles and accidents can take a toll on our peace of mind, dwelling on the fate of your car. Knowing that your vehicle is in safe hands will soothe your rising stress levels. Other local tow truck companies will focus on the automotive, but our towing company also takes the car owner into mind. Take it from us; our customer-centered local tow truck company will be your ride or die!

Blazing the Trail To Get Your Car Fixed

Tower Tow Truck Rochester will give you services that will not only pull your car out of the road but also alleviate your worries. One way to ensure that is to deliver the best the towing business has to offer. In addition, to show our dedication is making a 24-hour tow truck near me available. When unfortunate incidents decide to take over your night or put a shadow over your day, you can trust us to come to the scene with our flatbed tow truck, professional drivers, and crew. Cars has always been our specialty and this service is for those who are very particular about keeping their vehicles in good condition despite needing a tow.

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